We continuously improve our device performance. Please download the latest user manual and firmware for your BOOX here. Read the instruction carefully before updating your BOOX. Do not mix up the firmware for different models. If you mistakenly update wrong firmware that is not for your model, your device may have to be sent back to us to re-program. There are two methods to update your BOOX.

Check "how to update" here
Update locally
  • Please connect the device with power source or PC to make sure of enough power for update.
  • Download firmware update.upx from our official website.
  • Copy the firmware to root directory of local storage.
  • Go to Settings -About -?System Update?-?“Check update from local storage”, then follow the instruction to update the device. When update is successful, the device will restart automatically.
Attention:?The different update package for different models cannot be mixed up. The wrong update package will cause the device’s inability to boot and use, and you may need to return your BOOX to the factory to root. Please read the instruction carefully before updating your device. Update from cloud
  • Connect your BOOX with Wi-Fi first
  • Go to Settings - About - System Update - “Check update from cloud”, then follow the instruction to update the device. When update is successful, the device will restart automatically.
Notice:?“Update from cloud” is only available in some countries or areas. Please consult the local distributors. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]?or talk to us directly via Facebook messenger( in case you’ve got any problems with firmware update. Onyx International Inc.

Update history

Neo Reader?3.0:

1. Now in sidenote mode, highlight and dictionary are available, but TTS is not supported.

2. Now sidenote can be switched to another side (right to left), or turned upside down.

3. Now the reading status time format is the same as the system’s.

4. Now the bookmark can be renamed.

5. Fix a bug where highlight disappears after operations of copy, search, etc.

6. Fix a bug where certain words are only affected by image contrast.

7. Fix a bug where words overlap on the left page in double page mode.

8. Fix a bug where pages cannot be turned in certain TXT files.

9. Fix a bug where the area is not writable after virtual keys are hidden.

10. Fix a bug where bookmarks are not synced with actual pages.

11. Fix a bug causing current page out of sync when dragging progress bar.

12. Fix a bug where annotation cannot embed in image PDF format.

Note App:

1. Fix a bug where errors caused by blank note export.

2. Now words can be copied from apps to text input of keyboard.

3. Now to copy and paste across pages are allowed.

4. Now the note page can be re-ordered (under thumbnail).

5. Fix a bug of ghosting after erasing.


1. Adjust the writing area and button of keyboard.

2. Add a speech-to-text function, long press space key to run it (only for models with MIC).

3. Add a cover scanning function.

4. Add Onyx account for file transfer and cloud backup. Log in with a phone number, email and Wechat account.

5. Support open attached documents of third-party apps by Neo Reader 3.0 .

6. Fix a bug where Google Play automatically exits and verification fails.

7. Speed up the library loading after a large number of books transferred.

8. Now built-in dictionaries can be called out in the built-in browser.

9. Fix bugs where certain apps randomly hang during use.

Fix some other bugs and optimize UI.

Neo Reader 3.0:

1. Optimize UI;

2. Simplify the note-taking operation. Now allow writing directly by stylus and turning pages or menu by fingers;

3. Improve PDF saving speed;

4. Add color writing to PDF functions, including black, white, red, blue and green(visible after exporting to PC)

5. Sidenote now is associated with documents instead of pages.

6. Add word contrast setting.

7. Add touch area custom function(the screen is divided into 9 areas, every area can be customized except for the central one) ;



1. Optimize the UI of note toolbar;

2. Add handwriting recognition function(Internet connection required for the first time);

3. Add color writing to PDF functions, including black, white, red, blue and green(visible after exporting to PC)

4. Add template download from the cloud;

5. Allow turning pages by fingers;

6. Now automatically add a new page when to turn after the last page.



1. Add directory pattern to the library, display files by storage directory(only display files in specified folders);

2. The default language of the handwriting recognition function is English. Need to download packages for other languages;

3. Add Navigation Ball (assistive touch) for quick settings;

4. Allow to change settings of optimization while using apps(Navigation Ball required);

5. Add optimizations for app background and font color.

6. Add category for App Store. Multiple file download is supported.

Neo Reader 2.0:

Fix the bug of cannot open certain PDF files.
Fix the bug of system crash when to export certain annotations;
Fix the bug of cannot close the specific document of multi-document;
Fix the bug of cannot open web novels after purchase;
Fix the bug of word meaning capturing function not working with the Internet connection;
Pop up a window for the third-party DRM documents and data corruption documents;



Fix the bug of stroke joggle after enlargement;
Fix the bug of lag caused by too many searching pages;
Fix the bug of part of keys not working after wireless keyboard connected;
Fix the bug of touch area is too small on the both sides of text frame;
Add the function of thumbnail jump.



Allowed to switch to the "Recently read" or "All books" tab in Library;
Add Library list mode;
Add remote optimization function for every individual app.
Add a function of enterprise wifi, like hotspot input and others;
Fix the bug of incorrect book order sorted by book name in Library;
Fix the bug of jumping out of current page after deleting books in Library;
Fix the bug of cannot open files after renamed;
Fix the bug of incorrect display of power percentage;
Fix the bug of inaccuracy of synchronized time;
Fix the bug of icon and menu loss;
Fix the bug of instability in A2 mode, and A2 not working for videos;
Fix Google Play bugs including invalid register, invalid download of purchased apps. And add Google account management;
Fix the bug of interruption during Bluetooth transfer;

Fix several bugs of others. And optimize some of the functions.

System New UI, easier to switch the tabs to content area; Add JDRead Shop, provides authorized e-books ; More app optimization options including font, contrast, animation filter, refresh mode,etc; Third party apps freezing(closed by default, need to turn it on) makes device more fluent, stable and powersaving; Wifi Transfer, wireless books transfer from PC and mobile to device without limit of format and size; Power percentage display on notification bar; ***************************************************** Neo Reader 2.0 Add double page spreading function(only for Max2 and Note series); Fix the bugs of pressure deficiency and jag problem after exporting PDF file with annotation. Printing supported; Optimize file default font, spacing and others(custom setting not included) Fix the bug of cannot opening files in CBR\PNG\JPG format; Fix screen blink when using TTS; ***************************************************** Note Add handwriting searching function(corresponding language package required); Add note text reflow function, cancel vector writing(the original vector is saved but not editable); Handwriting can be selected, zoomed, moved, rotated, copied; More note management options. Note file can be moved, copied, PDF combined export; Fix the bugs of notes losing after auto sleep and auto power off.

Warning: Please keep your password on your own. If you forget it, you can't get it back and need to reset the system to unlock it, all user data will be cleared.


Neo Reader 2.0:

  • Optimize the loading speed of books and documents. (Speed increases by 30% to 50% from different formats. ePub format has been improved most.)
  • Fix bug of reader reports error when storage is full.
  • Fix bug of the page number is not displayed correctly when some pages of sidenote are deleted.
  • Fix bug of the pages zoom in/out abnormally when users press the button on the stylus and slide the stylus on screen.
  • Fix bug of handwriting is not resumed after being switched from erasing bit by bit to erasing full screen during making handwritten notes within books.
  • Fixed bug of shapes and handwritten notes shift location when single page PNG is exported from TOC notes.
  • Fixed bug of TTS cannot turn to next page when the current page ends with question mark.
  • Fix bug of dictionary cannot recognize some symbols when the symbols are selected together with words.
  • Fix bug of “Setting / Screen/ Show hyperlink” option does not work.
  • Add the contrast global settings option to all newly opened documents ;



Note App

  • Add feature of PDF templates can be imported. PDF templates display first page by default. Users can add and delete pages by “+, - “. (the size of PDF template would have impact on speed of saving, exporting and sync notes.)
  • Add Connell and McKinsey notes templates
  • Add the option of whether the notes are automatically saved as PDF. By default, notes are saved as PDF format.
  • Fix bug of same names are accepted when users rename the notes.
  • Fix bug of thumbnail views of notes covers display disproportionally.
  • Fix bug of exporting as PDF is slow when notes content is a lot.




  • Add screen-lock by password feature (Please keep your password on your own. If you forget it, you can't get it back and need to reset the system to unlock it, all user data will be cleared.);
  • Add E Ink App Market (only for relevant APPs download)
  • Add feature of PC can only read documents from the device when it is unlocked. (After PC has access to the documents of the device, PC still can do so even if the device is locked again)
  • Add “finger touch disabled” function to the statue bar. When finger touch is disabled, touch on third-party App in full screen mode will not work. Users need to exit the App and enable finger touch again or cancel full screen mode of third-party mode.
  • Fix bug of finger touch once a while may jump points or malfunction.
  • Optimizing power consumption after WiFi connected but without data transmission.

Neo Reader:

Fix bug of when note-taking menu is extended and retracted under Sidenote mode, notes may be lost.

Fix bug of when one page is full for PDF notes, pressing “back” button causes frozen screen.

Fix bug of handwriting occasionally is not shown before screen refresh under Sidenote mode.

Fix bug of original PDF document may keep flashing when erasing handwritten notes.

Fixed bug of when scanned PDFs with notes are exported as PNG formats, the page number is incorrectly shown.

Add checkbox to TOC page, which allows export or delete multiple designated pages.

Add side-switch to Sidenote mode for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Fix bug of highlight and annotation do not show after software is updated.




Redesign the whole UI of Note application.

Fix bug of Note application is frozen and handwritten notes may be lost.

Add full-screen mode to Note (up left corner); Press Back button to exit full screen mode.

Add thumbnail view to multiple pages of a Note copy.

Add “customize background image”. PNG format is supported. Please put template png images to root directory \noteTemplate directly.

Add note synchronization via 3rd party cloud service such as Dropbox, when Note exits, a PDF document will be saved automatically to root directory \Note folder and uploaded to Bound account.

Add “auto connection with Wi-Fi and synchronizing notes” .

Add feature of when devices are restarted or shut down, handwritten notes are saved automatically.

Add feature of Add “show erasing trace”, which is enabled by default and can be turned off optionally.

Add “Add new page” icon to the top of note list page.

Add “delete option” to Note local \ Cloud backup.



Add notice” invalid input and failure rename” when documents are renamed with some invalid symbols.

Fix bug of books may not be able to be added to the sub-bookshelf.

Put “clear all” to the top in the drop-down notification Centre.

Remove checkbox to send out data option from Information Feedback due to privacy policy change.

Add optional choice for users on Google Play store. ?Go to System / Extension / Application. It is disabled by default.

Fix bug of twisted Recently Added UI on main interface.

Remove screenshot function on Max2 and will be added later when it is ready.

Add battery level check (no less than 30%) and storage check (no less than 700MB) before OTA updating.

Neo Reader 2.0 :
Move writting toolbar to the left to avoid accidental touches;
Add writing Pressure-sensitive effect(default) in toolbar;
Fix first-line indent error for specific fonts;
Fix uneven spacing problem between characters in some txt files;
Fix the error that punctuations appeared in the beginning of line in some files;
Add go-to-page function for multiple pages in sidenote;
Add paragraph spacing setting. The shortcut icon has 3 choices: 0, 70% and 200%. The default is set to be 0. User can fine-tune between 0-200%;
Ignore hyphens in English words when searching;
Add switch for dotted line between columns when reading in navigation mode. The default is set to be on. User can turn it off in Application Setting - Screen - enable crop region;
Fix export failure when exporting handwritten png file individually in pdf;
Add pen automatically switch back to writing mode after erase all;


Move Note toolbar to the top to avoid accidental touches;
Add writing Pressure-sensitive effect(default) in toolbar; user can switch non-pressure sensitivity in toolbar;

Change?the default stroke width is changed to level 2;

Fix the problem that template changes do not take effect immediately;
Change default sorting method of notes from create time to last-update time;
Optimize the erasing speed with massive contexts in Notes;


Add virtual page turn button and fullscreen switch button on the left side of browser. User can turn them off in browser setting menu;
Prohibit auto-openning third party Applications at startup;
Fix fullscreen errors in third party applications;
Update version of Google Play store. Support Google service;
Adjust the size of one-click-to-clear notifications icon on notification bar, to make it more conspicuous;
Add page cycle for lists (current reading list, recently added list, library and etc.): First page and last page is now connected;
Change the color of √ in default application checkbox to black;
Fix the problem that TTS do not take effect until reopenning the file;

Neo Reader2.0 :
? Add Font- Layout-Indent options.
? Adjust the size of the bookmark and sidenote icon.
? Fix the bug that azw3 file cannot open.
? Fix the bug in dividing window into 2 columns in browsing mode.
? Fix page refresh errors caused by erasing notes.
? Fix failure in exporting notes from some PDF documents.
? Fix discontinuous writing issues after switching to eraser or changing line
weight in PDF.
? Fix split-screen writing overspill issue when line width is over 5.
? Fix auto-center-alignment problem of some chm files, now change to left and
right alignment.
Note :
? Add All-Refresh function on the toolbar at the top of Note.
? Fix flying lines problems when writing.
? Fix touching disturbance when writing.
? Fix error in updating time on the system bar.
? Fix auto-disconnect issue of blue-tooth when it's not used only for a short
? Fix error in updating free space when one-click to clear the multi-tasking
? Fix the VPN missing problem after restarting it.
? Fix error in displaying soft keyboard when connect to blue-tooth keyboard.
? Fix error in refreshing keyboard input and handwritten input in OneNote app.
? Fix some English translation issues.
? Fix auto-landscape issue caused by setting a square image to be the standby
? Optimize the power consumption when using blue-tooth and in standby mode.
Reference test data:
? 12 hours consumed 2% battery life in standby mode.
? The blue-tooth battery life:
One page per second: about 1% power consumption in every 5 minutes;
One page in every 40 seconds or so: about 1% power consumption in every
30 minutes;
When the device is not on standby mode, and blue-tooth is on but
unconnected: about 1% power consumption in every 60 minutes.

Neo reader2.0:
1. Supports multiple documents , 4 files can be opened and quickly switched in the same page by default; multiple document bar can be expanded or collapsed; support close single document :
go to: Application Settings -> System -> select enable multiple documents , all files will be closed except for the last file user read.
Enable multiple documents after closing will not recover the files closed before;? PDF files that are switched in handwriting mode will be? automatically saved and closed;
2. Improve opening speed of epub files and etc.;
3. Add image zoom in function for epub files and etc.: long press the image to zoom in, and quit by one click;
4. Add JPG image folder, reading history are saved in recently read list (not in recently add list();
5. Fix reading data recording error of mobi files;
6. Divide text font list into Chinese and English lists;
7. Add dragging function to page bar and chapter jumping function to reading status bar;
8. Add new mode to browsing mode: left and right columns;
9. Add new mode to browsing mode: manually crop page , automatically crop the blank parts in selected area;
10. Optimize font size setting, all files opened after font size is set will have the same font size;
11. Fix inaccurate problem of TOC jumping;
12. Adjust weight of bold font 1, decrease the boldness;
13. Add auto-extracting directory function to txt files and etc.;
14. Fix extra spaces in txt files;
15. Change annotation sorting order to sort by page number (instead of sort by time in the past);
16. Add function to automatically export annotations and generate X-annotation.txt file after first annotation (including highlight and text annotation),
exported file is saved in the folder that has the same name and path as source document;
17. Add TTS specify reading function: long press to select specific text and read by TTS;
18. Add quick page turning interface : long press page turning icon , can turn 10 pages in the interface (not in the original file);
19. Add floating search toolbar after searching in file and jumping to search page, can choose to prev\next and return to search list;
20. Add pronunciation support to word search interface, which requires voice package from dictionary files;
21. Add wiki search page jumping to word search interface ;
22. Fix phonetic symbol display errors in word search interface;
23. Optimize edge display of exported handwriting in PDF files;
24. Change the toolbar to be collapsed when enter writing mode with electromagnetic pen shortcut, and expanded when enter writing mode with menu;

1. Add WIKI searching function, enter the word and click to jump to WIKI entry page using browser;
2. Add new words list ,thumbnail preview mode?? ;

Note app:
1. Fix the continuous writing error on jumping page;
2. Add page location memory function, show the page last viewed when it’s opened, instead of the first page;
3. Add confirm message box before delete to prevent accidental deletion;
4. Fix the problem that redo\undo is unavailable after selecting? handwriting annotation -> eraser -> erase all? ;

Reading Statistics:
1. Add? Reading Statistics , make statistical data from device (offline) and online data, only available from datas come through neo reader 2.0;

Other Updates of System:
1. Add function to customize shortcut for folders in storage, shortcuts are showed in the main interface of storage can manually create 6 folder shortcuts at most: long press the folder -> Menu -> Set shortcut ;
2. Add quick screenshot function by long press two side keys. Saved as png file in? \Pictures\Screenshots; Max and N96 series support writing on screenshots only;
3. Add feedback function, submit errors and bugs to the server: Setting -> About -> information Feedback;

Remaining Bugs:
1. When changing Neo Reader2.0 to horizontal display (90°),? word search interface and handwriting menu will be cut off half. Still working on this, will update as soon as possible;
-----------------------------------------How to update--------------------------------------------------
How to update locally
a. Download firmware update.upx from our official website.
b. Copy the firmware to root directory of local storage.
c. Go to settings –about – system update , click the button check update from
local storage , follow the instruction to update the device.
d. When update is successful, the device will restart automatically.
Note: Please connect the device with power source or PC to make sure of enough power for update.
*Update by OTA
Users can update the firmware online via OTA (Setting\About\System update). Please connect WiFi when updating the device by OTA;
Tips:OTA update only supports some countries or areas. Please consult the local distributor.

Neo Reader 2.0

  • Fix bug of TOC - after delete the scribble thumbnail ?, handwriting would not close ?even ?neo reader 2.0 is exited.
  • Fix bug of PDF Reading: stylus’ middle button causes zoom-in/out (the middle button of new version stylus does not have any function for now)
  • Fix bug of sidenote: the handwriting is not saved when device goes into sleep mode and sidenote is exited automatically.
  • Fix bug of sidenote of PDF format: the right-hand area is not limited to certain space so that the exported sidenote page zooms in to the same height as PDF page.



  • Fix bug of when Note is saved in the same name as others, the file could not be edited, deleted and exited.
  • Fix bug of when Note is switched to vector handwriting, 2 strokes are missing.
  • Fix bug of the status is not updated when Note is switched from Handwriting to erasing.
  • Fix bug of when Enter key is tapped, cursor could not be placed to the beginning of each line.
  • Fix bug of when Note is crashed, it resumes working after being left for 15-20 minutes (power consumption can be a little higher)
  • Add “Capacity Touch Locked” to Note toolbars: ?when capacity touch is Locked(cannot touch by fingers), it reduces interference to stylus writing; capacity Touch will be resumed automatically after Note is exited.
  • Improves the left and right edge area of the handwritten plate.



  • Improve Kindle App page-turn performance(need the app version we provide)
  • Improve loading speed and page-turn performance of Koreader (need the app version we provide)
  • Set Google as default home page of web browser in English Version OS
  • Fix bug of volume is still 0 when volume silent is revoked and icon has changed into sound.
  • Add an option ?"Upload Note Database Fil for Diagnostic" ?to Information Feedback. ( Please do not tick this option if you have privte note data. )
  • Fix bug of do not disturb icon could not be hidden after volume is reduced to 0.
  • Change function of " Long Press on Back button" to "back to home screen". ?( ?Long press before functioned as full screen refresh . )


Attention:?The different update package for different models can not be mixed. The wrong update package will cause the device’s inability to boot and use, and the device need to be returned to the factory to root. Please read the instruction carefully before updating your device.

Download User manuals and firmwares of BOOX MAX 2 series here

Applicable models: MAX 2


We continuously improve our device performance. Please download the latest user manual and firmware for your device here.